The Evaluation Committee, in accordance with the provisions of the Guidelines for periodic accreditation of 08/10/2017 and Legislative Decree 1154/21:

  • Provides support to the governing bodies of the University and to the A.N.V.U.R. in monitoring the results achieved with respect to the indicators for periodic evaluation, as well as the University in the development of additional indicators for achieving the objectives of its strategic planning
  • Evaluate the overall University QA.
  • Evaluate the functioning of the CdS through the analysis of the results using auditions, where appropriate and necessary.
  • Verifies the implementation of the recommendations and conditions formulated for the CdS by the CEVs (Expert Evaluation Committee) during the external visits.
  • In the presence of critical elements, it may request the drafting of cyclical Review Reports.
  • It draws up an annual evaluation report according to the guidelines issued by ANVUR, in which it accounts for compliance with the QA Requirements, the measures taken by the University in relation to the points of attention of the CdS as well as the initiatives taken to promote quality.

On November 23th, 2018, the Board of Directors, in accordance with Article 27.2 of the Statutes, appointed the following members of the Evaluation Committee for the three-year period 2018/2021.

Lorenza Operti (University of Turin)

Commitee members
Massimo Castagnaro (University of Padova)
Maria Schiavone (Quality Assurance System Expert)
Michele Antonio Fino (University of Gastronomic Sciences)
Gabriella Morini (University of Gastronomic Sciences)

Evaluation Committee support office
Alessandro Asteggiano
Tel. +39 0172 458534
Fax +39 0172 458550


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