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  • UNISG Study Trip: Thailand | A travel gallery, Andrea Bernardi, study trip tutor writes: On the discovery of the Thai territory through the many cardinal points of the country (Bangkok + Ubon Ratchathani and Trang provinces). At Ubon Ratchathani province we were hosted by the Ban Ta Mui community on the Mekong River where we experienced extraordinary sharing moments, not only about their gastronomic practices and culture but also about human values ​​that in today's society are sometimes discounted.  Then we left for the country’s southwest to the village of Mod Ta Noi in the province of Trang, there we came into contact with the local Muslim fishing community who also shared their values ​​and welcomed us by letting us try crab and cuttlefish fishing at an evocative place inside the national park of Chao Mai. The last days we returned to the capital, Bangkok, to understand how the gastronomic and cultural tradition of the country has merged with the different ethnic groups and cultures that have migrated to Thailand over the years. #unisg #unisglife #foodstudies #slowfood #pollenzo #travel #thailand #thaifood #igersthailand #bangkok  Photos by @bernus90
  • Regram @breakfastisgoodforyou shared a thought to us: "Wow - feeling so grateful for my education; we had Marion Nestle as a guest lecturer this week! We covered how to enact national and local food system policy, discussed the complexities of the U.S. Farm Bill and learned about her new book which exposes how food companies fund research to corrupt the scientific understanding and public perception of their products. #UNISG #UNISGlife #foodstudies #slowfood #pollenzo #health
  • UNISG Alumni projects | The Mad Genius | Kwang Uh is the co-founder of @baroo_la restaurant in Los Angeles, California.  The concept is a free-style experimental kitchen that serves food with respect & love to nature and people using local, sustainable, and organic ingredients with wit, open mind, free spirit and #fermentation as much as possible.  By the way, Baroo means a bowl that Buddhist monks are allowed to possess and use for their meals until their last breath. We are waiting for you to come and cook at our University, Master Kwang! .
#unisg #unisglife #foodstudies #slowfood #pollenzo #la #igerslosangeles #fermented #koreanfoodlover
  • UNISG Alumni projects | A social justice mind | Shakirah Simley @shak_simley  is a writer, community organizer and scholar. She is a Co-Founder of @nourishresist  a platform that sees food as a strategy for resistance and seeks to unapologetically use food spaces to nourish and strategically organize their community.  See you soon Shakira at our University.  #unisg #unisglife #foodstuides #slowfood #pollenzo #food #foodresistance #foodactivism #community #change
  • UNISG Alumni projects | Education through eating | Heiko Niehaus is pointing towards #restaurantsustainability by developing and supporting a network of #organic small scale producer while educating tourist at the Schleimünde island in Germany. @heiko.niehaus believes that the team for his projects should have unisg students and alumni only!, as a way to stay true to our University’s food values.  #unisg #unisglife #foodstudies #slowfood #pollenzo #foodscout #sustainability #germany #island #closesystems #compostablematerials
  • UNISG Alumni projects | A nutritionist and a social entrepreneur | @tanya_singh88  Tanya Singh works with the Government  of her country to raise awareness on health issues like the importance of breastfeeding, infant and young child feeding practices and eradication of iron deficiency aneamia through locally grown food. .
She is also founder of @bhuli.art  an enterprise that works to revive the art, craft and food culture of the Northern Indian state named Uttarakhand. Bhuli situate its ethos in three principles; Simplicity, Sustainability and Swadeshi (the practice of promoting local economies). Tanya uses vivid illustrations and stories to communicate her ideas about the importance of consuming local crops and the nutritional and health benefits associated to them.  #unisg #unisg #unisglife #foodstudies #slowfood #pollenzo #india #breastfeeding #fooddesign #fooddesign #localfood #sustainability