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The ASSG – Associazione Studenti di Scienze Gastronomiche (Gastronomic Sciences Student Association) in a nutshell aims to improve the quality of life on campus (i.e. Pollenzo and Bra) for all students at UNISG. At the moment this is achieved through the organisation of events and activities, providing unique services such as the housing, as well as requesting special student discounts.

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The UNISG Slow Food Convivium is no different from any other, though it is the only university-affiliated Convivium in the world. All Slow Food members at the university are also members of the UNISG Convivium. The objective of the Convivium is that of coordinating members that which to collaborate with Slow Food, especially during events (Salone del Gusto / TerraMadre, Slow Fish, Cheese, TerraMadre Day, Slow Food Day, etc).

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The GAS – La Credenza is a collaboration between the student Slow Food Convivium at the University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) and the Piedi per Terra Association. Thanks to this partnership, we have created a GAS involving a wider audience, including both the students from the University and the residents of Bra.

GAS stands for Gruppo di Acquisto Solidale. Roughly translated, this is a kind of buying club or consumer group. The GAS is coordinated by a manger from the student Condotta at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, IT. We work in ‘Solidarity’ to purchase food and other goods directly from producers.

The primary goal of the GAS is to bring you and the producer closer together. By shortening the supply chain, we can offer local sustainable products to you at a better price, while ensuring a just price to the producer. We also minimize the environmental impact of transport by purchasing together. The GAS is a fair trade group with the best interest of producers and consumers in mind.

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