Mentoring has been an active service within the University of Gastronomic Sciences since its foundation, particularly as a part of ongoing orientation. The mentor makes his knowledge and experience available to each student entrusted to him, in order to stimulate growth in university education in harmony with the student’s personal needs and aspirations.

Mentoring is characterized by being a one-to-one relationship that is temporally placed in a period of transition in the student’s life, such as during the period of a degree course. Mentors are identified as teaching staff.

The general objective of Mentoring is the identification of students’ personal needs and their connection with the different aspects present in the University, carrying out activities supporting the development of their academic career and professional growth.

Mentoring is considered as an individual service thanks to which mentors regularly monitor the careers of their respective students, in order to promptly intervene in the event of evident criticality, in order to avoid dropout and dispersion.

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