Click on the links below to download the statutes and regulations of the University of Gastronomic Sciences, which govern its organizational structure and practices, operating regulations, and other aspects of academic life.


Ministerial Accreditation (in English)

Honor Code (in English)

Code of Ethics_L.240-2010

General University Regulation_2023

Administrative, Finance, and Accounting Regulations (in Italian)

Academic Regulations (in Italian)

Professor and Researcher Transfer Regulations (in Italian)

Student and Program Enrollment Regulation (in English)

Student Ombudsman Regulations (in English)

Regulations of the Ethic Committee

Regolamento Elezione rappresentanti ricercatori Consiglio Accademico (in Italian)

Regolamento Elezione rappresentante Assegni Contratti ricerca Consiglio Accademico (in Italian)

Regolamento Elezione rappresentanti Dottorandi Consiglio Accademico (in Italian)

Regulations governing the selection process for professors of levels I and II

Regulations for the Selection and Hiring of Temporary Contract Reserchers 2022 (in English)

Regulations for the Granting of Exemptions from the Paying of Fees and Honor Loans (in English)

Reg. didattico di Ateneo DM 270-04 – REV_DM n. 96_2023 (in italina)

Regol_ricercatori_TD_L240-2010_L79-2022 (in Italian)

Regulations Governing Fellowships for Training and Research (in English)

Regolamento valutazione scatti stipendiali (in Italian)

Guidelines for the discipline of the research doctorate course 2022 (in English)

Guidelines for the PHD Courses_2023

Regolamento contratti per attività di insegnamento e di Lecturer (in Italian)

Regulation for academic recognition of foreign research doctorate qualification (in English)

Regolamento cultori della materia (in Italian)

Regulation for part-time student enrollment (in English)