Master in Food Communication & Marketing

Propel Your Career in the Expansive World of Food Marketing

This inclusive program is designed for individuals with a passion for food and a desire to master the intricate tapestry of marketing, communication, and sustainability in the food industry. Whether you’re just starting or aim to enrich existing expertise, this program has plenty to offer. Students are groomed for a plethora of roles, from Marketing Manager and Social Media Manager to Quality Food Specialist. Immerse in the strategic spectrum of food enterprise, foster lasting connections, and pave the way for a successful career in food communication and marketing.


Start date: March 11, 2025
1 Scholarship available




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Unfolding the World of Food Communication

Join the Feast: Make Your Mark in the World of Gastronomy

Our program equips you with the skills to effectively communicate and promote the value, innovation, and business aspects of the food industry. Hone your social and digital media marketing competencies, learn to manage corporate communication, and leverage food communication to shape perceptions, strengthen relationships, and drive sustainable growth.

Our interdisciplinary approach includes subjects such as

  • Food Marketing
  • Digital and Social media marketing
  • Sociology of Food: Neuromarketing
  • Case studies and testimonial
  • Food and Wine Journalism
  • Corporate communication
  • History and Anthropology of Food
  • Food Quality Law
  • History and Anthropology of Food

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Network, Experience and Growth in the Food World

Our Master’s program combines classroom learning with study trips to broaden your understanding of the food business landscape. Engage with food industry professionals, visit food production facilities and build relationships that contribute to the growth and success of your food enterprise.


Cultivate Expertise in Food Marketing

Master the Art of Food Promotion

Our program aims to create a deep understanding of food marketing and communication, specifically tailored for food industry professionals. You’ll gain a comprehensive knowledge of marketing strategies, digital and social media marketing, trade marketing and corporate communication, enabling you to effectively promote and communicate a food business.

Sustainability in the Food Enterprises

Foster Responsible Growth in the Food Systems

Sustainability is a core value in our course, integrated into every subject and designed to help you understand the environmental impact and social responsibilities involved in food production. Master the principles of sustainable food business practices, and create responsible enterprises that have a lasting positive impact on the world.

Diverse Career Prospects in Food Companies

Revolutionize the Food Industry with Impactful Communication

The comprehensive knowledge and specialized skills you gain from our program can be leveraged to drive success in a variety of food industry roles. From taking the helm as a Corporate Communication Manager or Digital Marketing Specialist, the avenues are limitless. 

Let’s empower your career trajectory, aligning your passion with your vision to create impactful food realities.



Worldwide Network

Shift the course of your networking

Become part of a diverse community embracing individuals from 98 different countries, and extend your academic journey beyond conventional scholastic boundaries. Our international student body nurtures a globally inclusive environment, providing opportunities to explore and appreciate diverse world cultures while expanding your professional and personal network.

A unique aspect of our community, fondly acknowledged by our alumni and students, ensures that your university experience extends well beyond graduation. This sense of togetherness and continuity reflects our commitment to your lifelong learning and growth.