Unisg Research

The University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) boasts a research specialization focused on the multidisciplinarity that characterizes the gastronomic context. The methodological approach springs from the university’s founding principles, and is therefore based on the issues of sustainable food as a form of sustenance and of improvement of the planet’s human and natural conditions.

With reference to the distinctive nature of its branch of studies and its by-now internationally recognized expertise in the world of gastronomic science and its multi-faceted sphere of influence, UNISG promotes research projects linked to both the academic sector and the sector connected to innovation in businesses and productive and cultural activities.

UNISG’s lecturers and researchers concentrate their academic research on the following thematic areas:

Economics and Food Policy
Food production and trade trends, support for small-scale production, the valuing of the rural workforce and statutory and operational regulations for guaranteeing quality, genuinity (traceability) and storage are all put under the magnifying glass.

Internationality and Consumption Styles
Studies focus on food consumption styles from an international perspective, through processes of contemporary and historical analysis of populations in terms of customs and traditions, of demographic categories and of migratory phenomena.

Memory and Landscape
Memory, tradition and landscape are the focus for discovering and analyzing the link food has with the natural environment, myths, rituals and historic processes of the populations and places of which it is an essential part, with the intention of defining food as a tangible and intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Production and New Technologies
This field analyzes food production—cultivation and harvest, livestock farming, storage, packaging and logistics—through the application of new technological solutions able to guarantee genuinity, quality and complete sustainability.

Environment and Health
The effects of food production and consumption on the environment and health are studied, analyzing the solutions that can reduce the impact on the environment that surrounds us and guarantee the gastronomic quality of a healthy diet.