Master in World Food Studies

The Global Tapestry of Gastronomy

Our distinctive program extends your understanding of international gastronomy. Far beyond the confines of local perspectives. The course encompasses wise-ranging content such as global food cultures, food systems sustainability, and gastrodiplomacy strategies in the food world. It uniquely prepares you for roles within international organizations, cultural mediation and sustainable rural and urban development policies.


Start date: October 22, 2024
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The Global Language of Unity

Discover Gastronomy through a Multicultural Lens

Deeply rooted in global diversity, our program fosters comprehensive skills in understanding, appreciating and navigating the intricate maze of international gastronomic cultures, with an added emphasis on identifying emerging trends and promoting food sovereignty for marginalized communities. 

Our interdisciplinary approach includes subjects such as:

  • Food History
  • Food Anthropology
  • American Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai Cuisine and Food Culture
  • Food Cultures and Migrations in the Mediterranean
  • Food Cultures and Food Systems of Africa
  • Recipes for Respect: Black Foodways in the United States
  • Latin American Foodways


Journey into the Heart of Gastronomic Cultures

Experience Gastronomy in its Most Authentic Forms

Our study trips transport you into the heart of international culinary cultures. This immersive experience delves into varied culinary practices, traditions, and techniques worldwide. We hold firm to the belief that firsthand experiences are essential for truly understanding gastronomy. Interacting with diverse flavors, ingredients, and cuisines deepens your comprehension of their cultural contexts. Thus, these journeys become a stepping stone to a broader understanding of international gastronomy.



Emboldening Advocacy through Gastronomy

Cultivating Agents of Sustainable Gastronomic Change

Our course focuses on empowering students through a combination of gastronomical education and appreciation for world food heritage. It goes beyond understanding diverse food cultures and aims to develop sustainable food pathways in both rural and urban areas. A key aspect of our program is equipping our students to analyze socio-economic patterns that can be used to advocate for sustainable and equitable food policies.

Global Leaders in Gastronomy Education

Innovative Learning with Exceptional Faculty

Our program at UNISG, an institution globally recognized for its unique commitment to gastronomic studies, is built on the backbone of a remarkably passionate and talented faculty. These scholars lend a variety of perspectives to our curriculum, bolstered by their impressive international expertise. This diversity among our professors is invaluable, offering students a kaleidoscope of understanding that reflects the multifaceted world of gastronomy.

A Gateway to Diverse Opportunities

The Doorway to an Array of Gastronomic Professions

Our graduates can pursue roles such as Gastronomy and Food Specialist or Sustainable Tourism Promoter, working in areas of market analysis, international commerce, cultural mediation, and the public sector. The program also prepares students for management roles in international agencies, with a focus on import-export management and cultural diplomacy.

Worldwide Network

Shift the course of your networking

Become part of a diverse community embracing individuals from 98 different countries, and extend your academic journey beyond conventional scholastic boundaries. Our international student body nurtures a globally inclusive environment, providing opportunities to explore and appreciate diverse world cultures while expanding your professional and personal network.

A unique aspect of our community, fondly acknowledged by our alumni and students, ensures that your university experience extends well beyond graduation. This sense of togetherness and continuity reflects our commitment to your lifelong learning and growth.