The Journal of Gastronomic Sciences is an editorial project of the University of Pollenzo (CN) which aims at offering an online platform for collecting, sharing and disseminating scientific contributions concerning food, nutrition and “gastronomic sciences” in their holistic, complex and multidisciplinary meaning.

This initiative develops in the light of the current international debate on food that points out the need for a systemic and interconnected approach which involves all disciplines and types of knowledge, both social and human sciences as well as earth and technological ones.

To this end, the journal hosts, on the one hand, the best theses of the University students carried out during their studies (Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Masters); on the other hand, academic contributions, articles and essays by professors, research fellows, Ph.D. students and scholars.

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Agriculture as a tool to overcome the urban crisis of imagination
Archive Three-year degree thesis Philosophy and Aesthetics

Agriculture as a tool to overcome the urban crisis of imagination

A creative journey to the margins of being   This thesis is a philosophical/auto-ethnographic/artistic inquiry into the beneficial aspects of farming, in the light of individualisation and commodification of society, as I show it to be a marginal experience of both identity and body. The following philosophers with respective concepts are used: Tim Ingold and … …read more

La Mia Camicia di Fatica
Archive Master's thesis Philosophy and Aesthetics

La Mia Camicia di Fatica

Approaching the Aesthetic Sensibility and Epistemology of An Artisan-Farmer and its Cosmogonic Possibilities The two central problematics of this thesis are the historical marginalisation of artisanal knowledge and practices, and the increasingly endemic crisis of reality which is being experienced in Western modernity. I argue that these two seemingly distant problems are in fact symptoms … …read more