Welcome to Pollenzo, welcome to the University of Gastronomic Sciences!

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The UNISG is located in the complex called the Pollenzo Agency, commissioned by King Carlo Alberto of Savoy starting from 1832. Fourteen farmhouses were built, the Agency building, the tower overlooking the church square and finally the neo-Gothic parish of San Vittore.

The economic and financial center of the Pollentina estate was the Agency which, in the intentions of King Carlo Alberto, would become a model farm where to conduct experiments to improve the profitability of agricultural activities. The Carloalbertine imprint has survived to this day, distinguishing its architecture, colors and urban structure.

Today the Pollenzo Agency complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – “Savoy Residences”.

The Sensory Analysis Lab & the classrooms

 The Academic Tables and the Library

The Pollenzo Food Lab

The Wine Bank

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