Review Group (one for each CdS) *

  • Monitors the data and points of focus related to the Degree Course and the master’s degree Course (academic activities and support services)
  • Annually submits remarks to all interested parties on the Annual Monitoring Reports (SMA), identifying its strengths, weaknesses, and corrective actions and verify their correct implementation.
  • Based on the relevant QA requirements, periodically draws up the cyclical review report, with in-depth self-assessment of the progress of the CdS and a detailed indication of the problems and proposed solutions to be implemented in the next cycle.
  • Assists the Coordinators in the compilation and modification of SUA-CdS (Annual unique report for study programs)
  • Proposes changes to Academic Regulations if needed.
  • Interacts with the PQ (Quality Unit) and with the CPDS.

* For more details on the composition, tasks and functions, please refer to the ” University Quality Unit Guidelines for the definition and implementation of the Quality Assurance Policies” – ( /assets/Linee-guida-PQ-definizione_implementation-of-AQ- Policies_26.11.2019.pdf).

Linee guida Gruppi di Riesame 2023 (ITA)

Calendario Gruppo di Riesame LT 2023-2024 (ITA)

Calendario Gruppo di Riesame LM 2023-2024 (ITA)


Review Group for Degree course
Michele Filippo Fontefrancesco, Assistant Professor, (Convenor of Three-year Undergraduate Degree) – Independent Reviewer
Luisa Torri, Associate Professor
Sofia Ghibaudo – Student’s Representative (Degree course student – III year)

Review Group for Master’s degree course
Donatella Saccone, Researcher, (Conevnor of Two-year Graduate Degree) – Independent Reviewer
Roberta Cevasco, Associate Professor
Davide Grampa, Student’s Representative (master’s degree course student- II year)


Review Group Activities