Master in Agroecology and Food Sovereignty

Empowering Tomorrow’s Changemakers in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

Our cutting-edge curriculum, fostered by leading action-research experts, blends academic theory with real-world application, setting you on the pathway to a thriving career in agroecology. Prepared to overcome climatic adversities, our alumni pioneer sustainable change, taking leading roles across policy-making, consultancy, research, and activism.



Start date: September 30, 2024
1 Scholarship available


Embarking on a Sustainable Journey

Melding Sustainability, Education, and Food Systems

Our Master in Agroecology and Food Sovereignty program immerses you in an educational journey centered around sustainability and food production, all the while amplifying awareness about agriculture’s and food’s impact (ecological, social, economic, political). The program incorporates a perfect blend of theoretical learning and hands-on community activities in farming & food communities, aligning innovative education strongly with real-world challenges.

Our interdisciplinary approach includes subjects such as:

  • Agroecology (principle & practices)
  • Food sovereignty 
  • Action Learning and Participatory Approach
  • Agrifood Economics & Policy
  • Agroforestry
  • Sensory and Consumer Science
  • Gender studies 
  • Rural Sociology / AE Movement-building

Learning Side-by-Side with Farmers

Experiencing the Cross-disciplinary Approach

Stepping away from conventional paradigms, this program advocates for innovative education, transforming students’ experiences through a distinct cross-disciplinary approach. Emphasis is on experiential learning, where education is not confined within the four walls of a classroom but extends to engaging practical experiences to develop core competence.

Engaging in Real-world Challenges

Promoting Hands-On Learning and Community Engagement

Our program encourages students to actively participate in shaping their knowledge, promoting hands-on learning and deeper community engagement. It’s an educational journey with a clear vision to prepare students adequately for real-world challenges related to sustainability, climate change and food production. Plus, cross-disciplinary learning further enriches their understanding, empowering them to make significant contributions to their communities and the broader world.

Influence Policies and Drive Sustainable Agriculture

Explore Diverse Career Opportunities

Upon completion of this program, numerous paths open up, ranging from guiding organizations as a Sustainability Leader to shaping policy as an influential voice. You might choose to adopt the mantle of a Policy Influencer, driving systemic changes towards sustainability. Alternatively, your journey could involve traveling the globe as an agri-research professional, redefining boundaries, and injecting innovation into traditional practices.

Our expansive global network and multifaceted expertise guide and enhance these journeys, equipping you to make significant contributions in various settings. Whichever path you choose, you’ll be actively participating in the construction of a sustainable future.

Worldwide Network

Shift the Course of Your Networking

Become part of a diverse community embracing individuals from 98 different countries, and extend your academic journey beyond conventional scholastic boundaries. Our international student body nurtures a globally inclusive environment, providing opportunities to explore and appreciate diverse world cultures while expanding your professional and personal network.

A unique aspect of our community, fondly acknowledged by our alumni and students, ensures that your university experience extends well beyond graduation. This sense of togetherness and continuity reflects our commitment to your lifelong learning and growth.