The survey of the students’ opinion on the quality of teaching is an instrument that allows them to express their satisfaction on the teaching and their organization on the structures and on the exams and to point out any critical issues that may arise. Through the questionnaires, students are invited to actively participate in the process of growth and consolidation of quality in the University.

The main objective of the survey is to gather the opinions of students according to the provisions of the national regulatory framework, and make those opinions available to professors, Course Directors, the Joint Committee, the Evaluation Unit and the Quality Council for a their analysis in the context of the Quality Assurance System of the study courses of the University.

Students can perform their evaluation on-line through the web portal Esse3. After login and authentication, by selecting “QUESTIONNAIRES – Teaching activity evaluation Questionnaires”, the icons that indicate the completion status of the questionnaires relating to the course / module (one for each lecturer) appear next to each course to be evaluated:

  • All the questionnaires must still be completed (not possible to enroll for the exam session);
  • Only a few questionnaires have been completed (not possible to enroll for the exam session);
  • All the questionnaires have been completed (it is possible to enroll for the exam session).

For each course / module, the evaluation should be performed after 2/3 of the course and in any case before enrolling for the online exam session, as indicated in the Guidelines. To be able to enroll for the exam sessions it is mandatory to have completed all the relevant evaluation questionnaires.

We remind you that the questionnaire is completely anonymous: once the compilation is completed, it will not be possible in any way to trace the author of the evaluations.

The results are published in public area anonymously for each course / module with the percentage of positive answers for each question in the questionnaire.