Paola Migliorini

Assistant Professor of Agronomy and Plant Production Systems
Convenor of the Master in Agroecology and Food Sovereignty

Phone: +39 0172 4585
Fax: +39 0172 458500

University of Gastronomic Sciences
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 9
fraz. Pollenzo – 12042 Bra (Cn) – Italy


Assistant Professor in Agronomy and Plant Production System at the University of Gastronomic Science (Pollenzo, Italy), since 2009 ( She teaches Agroecology, Organic Agriculture, Sustainable agriculture and Agrobiodiversity courses at Bachelor and Master level.

Born in Florence, she graduated in Agricultural Science and Technology at the University of Florence (Italy) in 1998 (110 cum laude). In 2000 she received her Master’s degree in ‘Food Security’ from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in 2006 her PhD in at the University of Florence, under the supervision of Prof. Concetta Vazzana and prof. Miguel Altieri.

From 1998 to 2003 she was Technical Manager of the Tuscan Organic Producers Association, (CTPB) with activities of identification, formulation, management and evaluation of projects on organic farming at farm, regional, national and international level. From 2000 to 2003 she worked as Technical Inspector for the control and certification of organic agricultural production. From 1998 to 2000 she was researcher at the Overseas Agronomic Institute dealing with international cooperation and gender analysis. She was Committee member and didactic coordinator of the Master course in Ecological Agriculture (organic and biodynamic) at University of Florence for its fourth edition (2001/2004). From 2001 to 2008 she was a research fellow at the Agronomy Department, University of Florence, Faculty of Agriculture, where she played the role of technical coordination for the Montepaldi Long Term Experiment and several others projects on the assessment of sustainability in organic farms, on fertility management and biodiversity in organic farming with particular reference to crop rotation and green manure. She was a member of the Socio-Economic Aspects of Animal Health and Food Safety in Organic Farming Systems (SAFO) and the Network for Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Agriculture (NAHWOA) funded by the European Union’s DG Research.

She has given numerous lectures on organic farming as part of Master’s degrees and IFTS training courses for technicians and farmers in Italy and abroad (USA, Spain, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Romania, Albania). She has spoken at numerous conferences and workshops on agroecology and organic farming at international, national and regional levels.

She is President and funding member of Agroecology Europe ( and vice president of IFOAM AgriBioMediterraneo (

She is author of 100 technical and scientific papers in international and national journals, monographs, book chapters and conference proceedings.

At the University of Gastronomic Sciences has participated in several interdisciplinary projects related to agricultural aspects of food at regional, national and international level (;  ORCID).

Major Research Areas
  • Agricultural models, agroecosystem studies and the agroecological approach: ecological, sustainable and organic agriculture;
  • Sustainability evaluation with agroecological indicators: soil fertility, biodiversity, energy efficiencies;
  • Organic production systems and effects on products: comparison of different varieties (e.g. old and modern varieties of wheat for organic bread) and comparison of different agronomic techniques on cultivated crop (e.g. organic fertilizers, use of mycorrhizae, mechanical weeding, organic treatments);
  • Long-term experiments comparing organic and conventional agriculture;
  • Education in Agroecology and pedagogical methods; innovation in teaching; system thinking approach.
  • Peri-urban agriculture.