Luisa Torri

Associate Professor of Sensory Sciences
Director of Research and Third Mission

Phone: +39 0172 458509
Fax: +39 0172 458500

University of Gastronomic Sciences
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 9
fraz. Pollenzo – 12042 Bra (Cn) – Italy


Luisa Torri holds a five-year undergradate degree in food science and technology (2002) and a research doctorate in food biotechnology (2008) from the University of Milan. There, starting in 2003, she examined a number of issues related to food packaging, including the effectiveness of packaging in protecting food from light-related oxidation, as well as the evaluation of shelf life of packaged foods using technical instruments (electronic nose, image analysis).

Since 2008, Professor Torri has been a researcher at the University of Gastronomic Sciences, teaching courses in Sensory Analysis, Gastronomic Measurements, and Beer Tasting. She has also been developing collaborative projects with other research institutions and private companies whose work focuses on food sensory analysis and consumer sciences.


Major Research Areas
  • Sensory analysis of food and beverage products
  • Characterization of food and evaluation of shelf life using technical instruments (electronic nose, image analysis)
  • Evaluation of non-reactive atmosphere packaging in the conservation of foods