The new PhD Program in Ecogastronomy, Education and Society expresses the interdisciplinary and international nature of the University of Gastronomic Sciences at the highest level. The objectives are to:

  • prepare young researchers for academic careers in research institutions and study centers at a national and international level, in relation to the multi-faceted and interdisciplinary world of eco-gastronomy as a complex educational and social system;
  • include young scholars in the world of work and in areas of business that demand innovation and a superior preparation in relation to the world of food.


In particular the PhD program will follow these objectives:

  • master in a critical way the various social and cultural systems to which gastronomic values are associated;
  • learn about key models of education aimed at an ecological and sustainable vision of food;
  • develop a relational and interdependent vision of gastronomy through the elaboration of projects for food politics and diplomacy;
  • experiment creative and innovative formats that fit into social processes related to food education.

Program director: Prof. Nicola Perullo

Maximum number of places: 7 (of which 6 with scholarships)

Language: English and Italian

Publication of announcement: June 12, 2018

Application deadline: July 23, 2018

Results of the first phase of evaluation published: August 23, 2018

As the application deadline for the PhD in Ecogastronomy, Education and Society falls on a non-working day, applications will be accepted until Monday 23rd July 2018, at midnight

The PhD Program in Ecogastronomy, Education and Society expresses the international and interdisciplinary nature of the university at the highest level, constituting itself as a program which, although not in collaboration with other universities, foresees in its Council the presence of international professors from many universities around the world representing the multiplicity of approaches to the topics covered by the program.


Prof. Lorenzo Bairati – University of Gastronomic Sciences – Associate Professor of Comparative Private Law

Prof. Roberta Cevasco – University of Gastronomic Sciences – Associate Professor of Geography

Prof. Simone Cinotto – University of Gastronomic Sciences – Associate Professor of Modern History

Prof. Paolo Corvo – University of Gastronomic Sciences – Assistant Professor of General Sociology

Prof. Timothy Ingold – University of Aberdeen – Professor in Social Anthropology

Prof. Michiel Korthals – Wageningen University – Emeritus Professor of Applied Philosophy

Prof. Paola Migliorini– University of Gastronomic Sciences – Assistant Professor in Agronomy and Crop Production

Prof. Alfred Maroyi – University of Fort Hare – Professor in Plant Ecology/Botany 

Prof. Jan Masschelein – University of K.U. Leuven – Full professor Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences 

Prof. Maria Giovanna Onorati – University of Gastronomic Sciences – Associate Professor of Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes

Prof. Lisa Price – Oregon State University – Professor of Anthropology

Prof. Vittorio Pelligra – University of Cagliari – Associate Professor of Political Economy

Prof. Nicola Perullo – Program director – University of Gastronomic Sciences – Associate Professor of Aesthetics

Prof. Andrea Pieroni – University of Gastronomic Sciences – Professor of Food Biodiversity Sciences, Ethnobotany, and Ethnobiology

Prof. Alessandra Quarta – University of Turin – Researcher of Civil Law

Prof. Luisa Torri – University of Gastronomic Sciences – Associate Professor of Food Science

Prof. Stanley Ulijaszek – University of Oxford – Professor of Human Ecology

During the Study Program students are required to take part in 3 courses, one per year, which will be determined annually.

The PhD Program in Ecogastronomy, Education and Society also includes training activities in linguistics, computer science, research management, knowledge of research systems and funding systems, use of research results and intellectual property.

Mandatory attendance for all activities is required.

The annual scholarship amount is 15.343,28 Euros.

All PhD students are required to pay a fee of 1.000 Euros annually.

To apply for admission to the doctoral program the prospective candidate must go through the following procedure:

  • register online
  • fill in the application form (fillable pdf form)
  • pay the admissions fee of 50 Euros via bank wire transfer
  • upload the documents in pdf format following the Admission Application


  • Before proceeding with the online application process, please read through the Admission Application
  • 22/06/2018 – Articles 2 and 3 of the admission application for the PhD Program in Ecogastronomy, Education and Society have been modified, with some clarifications in regards to the admissions requirements and the documentation to be submitted
  • The attachments referenced in the Admission Application for the PhD Program in Ecogastronomy, Education and Society can be found in the application procedure on the Esse3 portal.
  • Furthermore, candidates who are citizens from low-income countries (according to the World Bank list) are not required to pay the 50€ admission fee as indicated in art. 3 of the announcement.

DR 213 Admission Application PhD Program Ecogastronomy Education Society

Regulations for the Doctorate Program in Ecogastronomy, Education and Society

Evaluation Criteria

Rector’s Decree for the nomination of the Doctoral Admissions Committee