As in past years, the UNISG stand will be located in Piazza XX Settembre. Here, staff will be on hand to provide information about the different courses and welcome anyone who wants to book a visit to Pollenzo.

The stand will also be the starting point for initiatives organized by Unisg professors and students…

h 3 pm – 5 pm, PERSONAL SHOPPER

A tour of the Cheese Market, accompanied by UNISG students who will share their knowledge about the history, production methods, and unusual stories of individual products and producers, with stops to taste different cheeses along the way.  The event will be held from Friday to Monday, September 15th-18th, twice daily: from 10am to 12pm and from 3pm to 5pm.

Organized by the students of the UNISG Slow Food Convivium

Groups: 10 people; Price: 8€ SF Members- 10€ Non-Members;
Language: IT – EN (others upon request);
Booking & Payment: UNISG Stand

Mozzarella, stracchino, caciocavallo: three cheese, three different texture! How do they make it? This tour will let you understand which characteristics diversify the various kind of cheese; stand after stand the producers will explain the production chain behind their product, unveling the secrets that leads to these delicious variations.

A small producer who sells 150 wheels of cheese per year has a production chain which is completely different from a million-products producer, but we might not know which are the real aspects that diversify the two. This tour will solve your doubts, allowing you to speak with very very small producers and giants, analizing their differences in the selection of raw materials, the manufacturing and the trade.

We’re hearing a lot of the so called natural cheese, but a few know what that “natural” really stands for. There is a lot of misinformation about labels and certifications, which are often difficult to understand and with coded writings. In this tour around Cheese’s stands we’ll be in direct conctact with the producers and we will discover not only how to read a label, but also how to know the raw materials’ origin, the production chain, how to identify a cheese with no ferments, what is vegetal rennet and lots more. 

During these days Bra is full of any-kind cheese, and we don’t want you to lose any gem you could difficult find anywhere else! This tour wants to bring you to discover the most particular and unusual products, stand by stand the producers will tell you their story and the manufacturing that make them able to create their punk-cheese! A tour with italian and foreign cheese, in which amazement and curiosity will be the main characters for the whole journey!


One of the oldest symbiotic cultures that can ferment your milk, all in one little jar! Come to discover this little bomb of microorganisms that will transform your milk into a bubbly, creamy and healthy sour drink. Find out what Kefir is, where it comes from and how to do it at home.

PS: You will also receive your own baby to carry home.


Andrea Pieroni, Professor of Food Biodiversity Sciences, Ethnobotany and Ethnobiology, will lead “Urban Foraging: the hidden botanical resources of Bra“: workshop-walk on foraging, themed around the wild plants that dairy animals feed on while grazing. There will be a particular focus on the plant species that give a characteristic flavor to dairy products: a journey to the roots (in all senses of the word) of cheese. The walk will set off  from the UNISG stand and continue in the town’s surroundings.

Organized by the students of the UNISG Slow Food Convivium

Speaker: Andrea Pieroni (UNISG)

Pollenzo Campus Visit

On the occasion of Cheese, the UNISG gives the opportunity to know the UNISG learning programs and to walk through the campus of Pollenzo.

Reservations are required

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