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Sensory Analysis of Honey: The Sweet Correlation between Earth and Man

The UNISG Sensory Analysis Laboratory hosts practical exercises for students, develops research projects both independently and in collaboration with other universities as well as funded research projects, and it is also available for companies wishing to study the sensory properties of their products with scientific approaches or the emotional response of consumers to their products.

On Saturday, September 18th, it will be open to the public for a sensory analysis test on honey!

Yes, you got it right! You will get to taste some honey!

Honey production and bees have always been sensitive indicators of the health of our planet. The relationship between man and earth is really intimate and very subtle; in fact, what happens to the earth also manifests itself in the life of man. For this reason, Prof. Luisa Torri, together with UNISG graduate student Riccardo Migliavada and Andrea Bariselli, founder of di Strobilo, decided to propose a tasting test of different honeys of which we will also monitor the environmental indices of the production areas. These tests will be a perfect combination of sensory analysis techniques and applied neuroscience.

The question is: “How can the variation of environmental indices (or their deterioration) cause the loss of many melliferous species and also of the quality of the product itself?” And: “Is our brain sensitive to these changes?”