Fermenting at Noma: old techniques in modern cuisine with David Zilber

Three hours with one of the leading fermentation experts, to discover all the secrets of his work!

David Zilber is Noma’s head of fermentation and, together with head-chef René Redzepi, has co-authored the best-selling book ‘The Noma Guide to Fermentation’. Together Zilber and Redzepi have led the way to bringing ancient methods of food preservation into the avant-garde cuisine.

In the new restaurant, Zilber leads the fermentation team in their research and development lab, from whose glass doors emanate the aromas of the garums, vinegars, misos, black fruits and lactic ferments that have become a crucial part of Noma’s menu.

Now, Zilber has shared some of his fermentation wisdom with our students in a 3-hour long special lecture, joining the ranks of our many visiting lecturers and guest professors, whose classes students can enjoy within and in addition to their own programs!


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