Professor Bartolomeo Biolatti is the new Rector of the University of Gastronomic Sciences

He officially takes office from September 1st, 2021

Bartolomeo Biolatti, Full Professor of General Pathology and Veterinary Pathological Anatomy at the University of Turin, was appointed Rector of the University of Gastronomic Sciences starting from September 1st, 2021.

“I thank the UNISG Board of Directors for their trust, and it is with a great spirit of service that I am about to take on this prestigious position. I will devote all my efforts to leading the University of Pollenzo for the next three years “, says Bartolomeo Biolatti on the day of his appointment.

“UNISG, which is now entering its eighteenth academic year, has had a great and constant development over time. Its image has established itself all over the world thanks to an innovative vision of the University’s mission and its reference values, including sustainability, cultural and biological biodiversity, environmental protection, social justice, food sovereignty, circular economy, quality, healthiness and beauty of food. The interdisciplinary didactic approach to the study of Gastronomic Sciences has made it possible to train specialists in the food supply chain and in food cultures, both in high demand by the labour market. The program, unique in the world and esteemed for its courses and numerous study trips to every corner of the planet, which offer students the opportunity to experiment and verify the different cultural approaches to gastronomy in the field. Furthermore, the collaboration with Slow Food and Terra Madre, the careful management of the governing bodies and President Carlo Petrini, as well as the Rectors who preceded me, the role of the Association of Friends of the University of Gastronomic Sciences, the Strategic Partners and Supporting Members, the commitment and dedication of the entire staff, teachers and administrative and technical staff, have made the small village of Pollenzo, with its University, a special and attractive place at an international level.”

Biolatti concludes: “In the coming years, we will increase the teaching offer and enhance research also through new and more stringent collaborations with the Piedmontese, national and international university system. We will activate a new cycle of inter-university Ph.D programs in collaboration with the University of Turin on the topics of food in the human, natural and life sciences. Study trips will continue to play a central role in all UNISG training courses. The special relationship with Slow Food and Terra Madre will continue. It will be strengthened, both as sources of inspiration for future research projects and as elements of connection with local communities worldwide and with their knowledge and food cultures to be studied and preserved. “


Professor Biolatti held the position of Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Universities of Padua and Turin, where he was also Director of the Department and the Institute. He was Vice-Rector of the University of Turin, President of the Italian Society of Veterinary Sciences, member of the National Committee for Food Safety, the Bioethical Committee of the CNR and the North East Organ Transplant Research Consortium (CORIT). He is a graduate of the European College of Veterinary Pathologists. His research activity is directed, in addition to the pathology of diseases of domestic animals, to public health issues, in particular to the prevention of the use of growth promoters in animal husbandry.