Coffee Sapiens

with Ferran Adrià, Carlo Petrini, Giuseppe Lavazza and Nicola Perullo

Where does coffee come from? What’s the story behind every single cup? How did we come to consider this product an integral part of our daily lives?

With Coffee Sapiens elBullifoundation and Lavazza, and with the contribution of UNISG, we will try to answer these and many other questions by offering a real Encyclopedia to explore the expanded universe of coffee to enthusiasts, professionals and those who are just curious.

Please join us on Friday November 30th, in Aula Magna, at 5pm,  for the new release of the Italian edition of the Coffee Sapiens book, and a discussion about it with Ferran Adrià, Carlo Petrini, Giuseppe Lavazza, and Nicola Perullo.

The meeting will be translated from Italian to English and from Spanish to English.

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