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    Land, water & resources rights

    Land, water & resources rights

    The European Union set a series of supportive actions up to strengthen land governance in African countries

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    Unisg Newsletter

    studenti UNISG

    Download the Weekly Newsletter: events, study trips and news from UNISG & Slow Food world!

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    Master in the Slow Art of Italian Cuisine… admissions are open!

    master cucina popolare italiana unisg

    In 2015 the Pollenzo Cookery School, developed by the University of Gastronomic Sciences in collaboration with Slow Food, will organize two one-year Master programs in the Slow Art of Italian Cuisine

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    Student housing and lunch service scholarships


    Official announcement for the assignment of student housing and lunch service scholarships are available

  • The New Gastronomes

    Rejuvenating the Fleet: Empowering Youth as the Future of Fisheries


    “Artisanal ‪‎fishermen‬ are disappearing and the industrial ‪‎fishing‬ sector is gladly filling the void. But the horizon is not as bleak as media would have you believe…”, HIllary Lions, ‪UNISG‬ student

  • The New Gastronomes

    Terra Madre Giovani | We feed the planet!

    terra madre giovani

    The 1st of May, the World EXPO in Milan will open its doors. The EXPO has always been the place where the world gathers to wonder at the new technological and innovative solutions that will shape our daily lives in the near future…

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    Roberto Flore of Nordic Food Lab

    Roberto Flore

    Roberto Flore, born in 1982 in the mountain village of Seneghe, in the province of Oristano in Sardinia, has come a long way. In fact he now works at Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen, the research center promoted by René Rezdepi, the celebrated chef at Noma, acclaimed as one of the world’s best restaurants…

  • Registrar Office

    Master in Food Culture & Communications, new rankings


    List of admitted and waitlisted candidates to the Master in Food Culture and Communications: ​High-Quality Products. Start Date: ​September 9, 2015.

  • Academic Tables

    Michel Bras at UNISG Academic Tables… again

    michel bras unisg

    Michel Bras, one of the most famous chefs in France, will be a guest of the Academic Tables from June 4 to 5. He will be returning to the UNISG for the first time since he was awarded an Honorary Degree last June…

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    Welcome to UNISG!


    Our goal is to create an international research and education center for those working on renewing farming methods, protecting biodiversity, and building an organic relationship between gastronomy and agricultural science.

  • The New Gastronomes

    An ocean harvest…

    nantucket island aerial photo

    Aquaculture is a strange beast. It is a crossroad where science, manual labor, food and environment meet. Take the oyster for example. It’s romanticized at the table as a sign of a sophisticated palate and a certain measure of wealth. But its background, like many other gourmet foodstuffs, is rather unglamorous…

  • The New Gastronomes

    The mutation we live in (an essay on complexity)

    The mutation we live in

    “After some time looking at the world we live in, I clearly noticed that the 3 main pillars of our society (Nature, Technology and Bureaudemocarcy) struggle to interact because they develop at a different speed…” by Grégoire d’Oultremont