We invite all students to join an informal chat with the UNISG visiting teachers Lorenzo Tirelli and Bram Theodoor Anton Kerkhof

Wednesday, December 14, 2022 –  5,30 pm @ TAVOLE ACCADEMICHE

Lorenzo Tirelli and Bram Theodoor Anton Kerkhof are lecturing Fermenting at the Master of Applied Gastronomy: Culinary Arts

Lorenzo has a background in Environmental and Development Studies and holds an MSc in Food Innovation and Health. He cooked “pizza on the coals” with Argentinian chef Francis Mallmann staged at Alice Waters Rome Sustainable Food Project and recently concluded a 10-month stint at the Noma fermentation lab. He is now leading the R&D work at Reduced, a Copenhagen-based startup designing new products from food waste streams.

Bram is a microbiologist with a creative mind whose contagious passion brought him to develop novel food products for different companies. He’s fed his  ferments munching on Koji at Empirical (spirits) and crafting seaweed snacks with Copenhagen-based food consultancy Kost.