Il Respiro del Vino, with Luigi Moio & Maurizio Gily

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“I’ll talk to you about that captivating perfume, about its held breath, which is impossible to resist, which anticipates everything that is tasted in the mouth right after bringing the glass to the lips. About that perfume which could be an effect of the sun of a radiant dawn or the clouds that precede the rain. About that perfume that is perhaps the most extraordinary sensory aspect of wine, because it is also the language of its composition, of its history, of its traditions, of the places where it was born and the microclimates that caressed its days. Wine is the surprising synthesis of the scents of everything that surrounds it, because in its deepest nature it has traces of the earth, the flowers, the fruits, the spices, the sea, the mountains, the wind, the light and many other things that it nobly represents. The initial act of anyone approaching wine is indeed to bring the glass to their nose to smell its perfume, delicately rotating the glass, just like the Earth rotating on its axis, so that the wine contained inside can release its olfactory intimacy. Since humans first existed, their gastronomic culture has had no other beverage or food that involves this marvelous ritual of meeting between sensitivity, nature and emotion. The gestural expressiveness linked to wine is mythical, and with its delicacy it helps us to reappropriate our time and our interior equilibrium.” So writes Luigi Moio in presentation of his book Il respiro del vino, which will be discussing with author Maurizio Gily.

We remind that t​he presentation of Luigi Moio’s book is the first in a series of three book presentations with the professors of the Master in Wine Culture, Communication & Management 2018

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