The Specializing Master in DESIGN FOR FOOD is provided by the Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences and managed by


The Specializing Master integrates extensive design skills with thematic and specific competences in the food area, related to humanities, gastronomic sciences, engineering and food technology.  

It, therefore, provides a wide-ranging designing capacity on processes and tools for the design of food product-service systems and a series of specific in-depth thematics, useful for understanding culture, sociological and anthropological factors and also scientific and technological aspects.  

As a whole, it provides an explanatory and comprehensive overview of food systems, from agricultural production to food processing, from distribution to consumption, from planning to recycling in a circular economy approach.

The interdisciplinary approach developed by the collaboration between UNISG and di Milano includes subjects such as:

  • Semiotics of Food 
  • Food And Taste Sciences
  • Sensory Analysis and Food Technology for Quality Food
  • Advanced Food and Trade Law
  • Food Aesthetics and Communication
  • Systemic Design for Circular Economy
  • Food Service Design
  • Food Branding and Narrative  
  • Systems And Technologies for Food Industry
  • Food Business Innovation and Sustainability Challenges

Having conducted over 1.000 study trips in 15 years, UNISG will also take care of the organization of two study trips that will allow students to learn through visits, workshops and tastings.

Didactic Plan

The Design for Food specializing Master is organized according to a mix of theory and practice that sees the alternation of lessons and hands-on activities on projects and exercises organized in the form of workshops or applied experiences, such as study-tours and compulsory internship.

The Design for Food specializing Master is structured according to an lesson plan that provides:

  • Frontal lessons: aimed to introduce the main themes of study and the acquisition of tools and methodologies for analysis and design development; the lessons are held by a Faculty with professors from the Politecnico di Milano and the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, in addition to qualified external professionals;
  • Workshop: “hands-on” activities developed in studio (also in collaboration with external companies) aimed at the application of tools and methodologies for the development of product-service ideas;
  • Study Trips: educational trips aimed to approach the topics dealt with, through experiences applied to real contexts in the food sector;
  • Internship: 470 hours of training experience in a partner reality of the Master or suggested directly by the participants in agreement with the coordination of the Master.


Employment Opportunities

The job opportunities for graduates are manifold. These will be practitioners whose profiles combine the design and experimental approach with specific knowledge of the underlying logic of the food sector in its extension “from field to table”, considering traditional and innovative production and distribution systems, with specific attention to sustainability.

For example, we can list:

  • R&D FOOD Project Manager: R&D managers for the improvement and implementation of food processing and production processes;
  • FOOD Service & Product Designer: professionals specialised in the conception and design development of sustainable food products and services;
  • FOOD Brand Manager: marketing managers for the development and implementation of innovative food product-service lines;
  • FOOD startupper/entrepreneur: inventors and self-employed entrepreneurs capable of transforming innovative ideas into sustainable new businesses in the agri-food sector;
  • FOOD Innovation Specialist: professionals and consultants of innovative food strategies and policies within companies, public institutions, research centres and third sector organisations.

Duration: 1-year
Credits: 60 CFU (Formative University Credits) equivalent to 60 ECTS
Language:  English
Certificate granted: Diploma of Specializing Master in “DESIGN FOR FOOD” by the Politecnico di Milano
Venue:, Via Don Giovanni Verità, 25 – 20158 Milan
Starting date: January 2024