On the food heritage of Ilha Grande/RJ and its (non) appropriation by tourism

with Ivan Bursztyn

Walking through the main villages of Ilha Grande, one notices many food establishments. However, there is a lack of use of local food heritage in the culinary preparations offered to tourists visiting the region. We will present some of the results of the study “The food culture and tourism of Ilha Grande,” whose objective was to promote the valuing of local food culture and its insertion in the tourist market, with the aim of strengthening of the local cultural identity. To do this, we analyzed the process of how Ilha Grande’s food culture formed over time in order to understand the food habits and supply present in the region. Next, we identified in the economic cycles experienced on the island some influences that helped to shape the food culture of its inhabitants. Finally, we identified in public policies relating to safety, the environment and tourism a decisive contribution to the loss of the local food heritage.