Street Food & Gourmet food trucks
  1. Presentation of the book Street Food. Culture, Economy, Health, and Governance (Cardoso, Companion, Marras, 2014).
  2. Seminary: “Gourmet food trucks. A rising community of street chefs, from the USA to Europe.”

The street food industry is going through a revolution. A growing number of culinary entrepreneurs from all socio-economic backgrounds, ethnic origins, education levels are venturing into the “Food Truck” territory, the modern street food trend originated in the United States and now conquering Europe: customized, artistically decorated trucks; selections and invention of gourmet dishes; careful use of fresh, organic, locally-sourced ingredients based on ethic-business agreements with local farmers; skillful marketing through social networks and mobile apps; creative plug-in food strategies revitalizing terrains vagues. Entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with collective actions as food truck owners join advocacy organizations to fight against detrimental, outdated regulations, and as they participate in the organization of food truck festivals appealing to growing crowds of foodies. A transnational community of food truck owners-chefs and enthusiasts seems to be rising.

Stefano Marras is a Sociologist with a Ph.D. in Urban Studies. He is currently the head of the Street Food SQUARE Association (, and the coordinator of the Street Food Global Network (, the international multidisciplinary network of specialists in the field of street food. He recently co-edited the book “Street Food. Culture, Economy, Health and Governance” (Routledge, 2014), and he is producing the documentary film “Esta es mi comida. Street Food Stories from South America.”