Prof. Simone CINOTTO, Fulbright seminar

Presentation of the U.S.-Italy Fulbright cultural exchange programs and the Casten Family Foundation/UNIGS award to follow.

Our panel will address the fate of rural communities and traditional knowledge in agriculture in the face of post-WWII increasingly hegemonic presence of corporate agribusiness, as well as within the last two decades’ emergence of social movements, consumer activism, and cultural discourses emphasizing food sustainability, traceability, and justice in the United States and Europe. A mounting distrust for corporate food has gone along with a new consumer interest for artisanal craft and productions, organic and non-conventional farming, and community-based systems of distribution like farmers’ markets and community supported agriculture. What kind of cultural, social, economic, and human capital have rural communities accumulated in the transition and have to offer to a further transformation and positive development of our food system?


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