Presentation of the book: "Che mondo sarebbe"
with Cinzia Scaffidi, in discussion with prof. Maria Giovanna Onorati


What kind of world—boring and retrograde—would it be if we really were as advertising depicts us? What kind of world—desirable but unattainable—would it be if not even a little of what advertising said about us was true?

“Food advertising wants to give us life models, it tells us how we should be, how our family relationships should develop. In fact, it tells us precisely how the family should be organized. It gives us desires, makes us discover needs that we had never even dreamed about, it punishes us with guilt if we don’t do or consume specific things. […] Let’s look in the mirror, let’s look at reality, let’s look inside ourselves, let’s look at what’s underneath, let’s look beyond… Then we can even look at advertising, but with different eyes.”

(Translated from the preface by Patrizio Roversi.)