Graduation Day - Master in "Food Culture and Communications"

Master in Food Culture and Communications – 6th Edition

Thesis Defence: May 16 and 17, 2012

Graduation Ceremony: May 18, 2012 – h 11:00 – Aula Magna


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1. ALAYAN Chrine: Biodynamic Agriculture in Face of the Political, Socio-Economical, and Environmental Crises in Egypt.

2. CALIXTO Renato: Food events: the practical consequences on society’s daily life

3. CLARK Julianne, Communicating Quality in a Sea of Tweets: Piemonte Wine Producers Log on To Social Media

4. COX Rebecca, Mapuche resilience: renewal, expansion, and reorganization of mapuche traditional medicines and food medicines in an urban multicultural setting of san carlos DE bariloche.

5. CROUSE Edward, Folks and Forks revisited. Communicating principles of food systems in TV

6. DA SILVA Cintia, Building the bridge between small scale farmers and the consumer – A “carioca” experience in Rio de Janeiro

7. DAL Johan, “the trail of the snail – participation in the slow food movement in theory and practise

8. DE ZEEUW Yvonne, From DIY to Commercial Kitchen: Small scale food businesses in San Francisco

9. GHO Vanessa, The Pierre Dukan phenomenon: analysis of sociological aspects, health threats and environmental issues of the last blockbuster diet

10. HAMMITT Elizabeth, FAO Fisheries Project: A Case for Nutrition Education in Primary Schools in Ghana

11. HIRAI Miho, Single & Double Gloucester Cheese; The Impact of Cheese Production to the Region and The Significance of Adopting PDO

12. HOOVER Rachael, Greenovation: When is Green Enough

13. PETERSEN Ingrid, The quest for sustainability in the AgriFood sector: analysis trends and issues for the future.

14. PINZAUTI Isabelle, The use of science to inform various stakeholders about food related dangers: the example of PAN Europe’s campaign against endocrines disrupting chemicals in pesticides

15. RADELOFF Ulla Kaja, Edible Wild Plants in the German Cuisine

16. RITACCO Sabrina, Pack Your Aprons! Representing Regional Cuisine for Tourists on the Amalfi Coast

17. RONALD Julia, Words, Walks, & Work: on the Value of Wine Communication

18. STELLING Amy, Broken Kitchens and Empty Lives: Using Food to Promote Independence in Homeless Young People

19. SYMES Margaret, The Mobilization of Food in NYC: Defined by its Cultural and Social Separations

20. TOMAJAN Kathryn, Opportunities and Challenges in New World Olive Oil

21. VIETOR Lindsay, The Biography of Street Kitchen. Treading the Line Between Alternative and Conventional Food Systems in London

22. VILLEVIEILLE Laura, Holy Trilogy or Urban Myth? A study of New York City’s local food systems

23. WILLE-BAUMKAUFF Vincent, Sustainable BCN – Living Sustainable in a Metropolis?!

24. WINTERS Wendy, Mothers, the original slow food: a deconstruction of food, memory, and home in Lazio, Italy

25. YOON Yeohoon, A casestudy in improving the canteen survies and taste education in public schools.