First work session in Pollenzo, dedicated to technical issues, for the partners of #Born2BeWine, a eight partners project, running for Creative Europe – Large scale cooperation projects


The project involves several EU players in cultural domain, working together on memories (based on the experience of “I Granai della Memoria”), educational sessions, photography and literature, of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Wine.


The Intangible Cultural Heritage, and reflection on this concept by defining the phenomena that are part of it, is currently one of the most discussed and vibrant topics within cultural enhancement.

We’re speaking about an overall cultural environment; this project, in harmony and continuity with this view, intends to highlight, promote and present one of the great emblems (by history, symbolism, and practical agricultural practice) of the Mediterranean Diet: Wine.

There is a set of skills and knowledge surrounding Wine which is, or includes:

  1. (Agricultural technology field) traditional practices, but also very modern academic knowledge and innovative technological practices;
  2. (Food/culinary field) variants and biodiversity: per se are basic elements, but are also capable of creating the network of links among the dishes and among the practices of drinking and eating that denote the character of a taste, the Mediterranean taste;
  3. (Literary field) novels, stories, poems, songs, theatre pieces;
  4. (Symbolic field) myths, religious symbols;
  5. (Technical and artisan field) historical or traditional manufactured objects, but also those with contemporary and futuristic design;
  6. (Aesthetic field) objects of photography, filmography;
  7. (Commercial field) generators of wealth and contacts among peoples, in the past and present day;
  8. (Tourism field) attractions for a culturally aware and curious audience.

Very often, these areas do not communicate among each other: the specific skills of each field move away from the others, and it is increasingly difficult to find ideas capable of combining the different perspectives in an original way: in short, it is increasingly difficult to have a perception in a holistic, complex sense, of the world of Wine as defined in the “Intangible Cultural Heritage”.

Contributing in realizing this, instead, is the main perspective of #Born2BeWine