• TIME: 5,30pm – 7pm

Vestire buono, pulito e giusto (“Wearing good, clean and fair”) takes a critical look at the global textile and fashion industry. Just like the current food system, it is undermining planetary balances and the lives of the billions of people who live on the Earth. The book is also offers a practical guide to the conscious consumer so that they can make good, clean and fair wardrobe choices. We must be wary of clothing sold for senselessly cheap prices, learn to recognize the added value of durability in garments and support a circular system and the well-being of other humans.

“Dressing is a fundamental human need and it is also the most immediate personal manifestation in the relationship with others […] Beauty is not only an individualistic affirmation of oneself, but it is a form of exercising the right to happiness that requires respect for the rights of others and the protection of the environment and nature. Beauty is therefore linked to healthy, clean, fair and durable, characteristics of sustainability of the textile supply chain through which the clothing we wear is made.”.

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