Agri-food market: legal oversights and defense tools
with Diego Tatulli


The Captain of the financial police (Guardia di Finanza) Diego Tatulli will firstly provide a brief introduction about the institutional role of the financial police, in order to explain the consistency between his Administration and the selected themes: in fact, it will be possible to see how the food business can be treated in different ways.

Secondly, Diego Tatulli will talk about the current legislative framework, distinguishing the different areas of law, involved in the analysis (the European/ the national, administrative/ criminal/ civil), in order to provide the tools to understand the following phases: he will explain the differencent regulations in law for the protection of public health, food and economic activities linked to its production and commercialization.

Diego Tatulli  will list the different institutional players which are involved in the world of food (Judicial police, the bodies of health control and national and European authorities), trying to answer some possible uncertainties.

Finally, he will share the experience of the financial police and have a dialogue with the students, trying to use all the concepts previously explained in order to have also the legal point of view.