TIME: 5,30pm – 7pm

Cooking appears to be an exclusively human ability, and the domestication of fire to cook food led to fundamental changes in our evolution. A diet that included cooked foods changed our bodies and brains. We suddenly had more time to do other activities: Could this maybe explain why we became chefs or astronauts who eat in space? The relationship between food and the brain relies on many different aspects ranging from perception, evolution, motivation, learning and sometimes addiction. Dr. Coricelli will provide all of the tools to understand how modern neuroscience techniques can tell us more about our hungry brains and will go through the various chapters of her book Guida per cervelli affamati (2021) written with Sofia Erica Rossi and published by Il Saggiatore. Carol Coricelli is a researcher in neuroscience at Western University in Canada and an adjunct lecturer at UNISG where she teaches courses on food neuroscience.

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We invite all UNISG students to participate.