Nicola Perullo

Associate Professor of Aesthetics,
Rector’s Delegate for International Relations

Phone: +39 0172 458511
Fax: +39 0172 458500

University of Gastronomic Sciences
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 9 fraz. Pollenzo
12042 Bra (Cn) – Italy


Nicola Perullo (born in Livorno, Italy, in 1970) has been a permanent associate professor of Esthetics at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo since 1/1/2011, qualifying as a full professor in 2013.

He was awarded his research doctorate in Philosophy in 2001 from the University of Pisa, where he studied under the guidance of Aldo Gargani. His research interests had initially been directed towards Wittgenstein, the philosophy of ordinary language, Nietzsche, Husserl, Heidegger, neopragmatism and psychoanalysis (Ignacio Matte Blanco). He specialized in Paris under the guidance of Jacques Derrida, studying directly with him during the 1993-1994 academic year. His degree thesis was dedicated to Derrida, Wittgenstein and Austin and Searle’s theory of linguistic acts. In 1997 he translated and edited Derrida’s book Limited Inc for Raffaello Cortina Editore. His PhD years saw a growing interest in Esthetics, focusing initially on Giambattista Vico and 17th and 18th centuries. His first book, published in 2002, was a development of his doctorate thesis and looked at Vico and the debate on the soul of beasts and the origin of humanity.

A food and wine enthusiast since his university years, he had been active in Slow Food since 1993, tasting for guides and magazines in the sector and teaching Slow Food wine courses between 1996 and 2004. In 2002 he joined the organizing group that was developing the idea of the University of Gastronomic Sciences as a junior auditor. In 2003 he attended successfully the Master Program in Food Culture at University of Bologna, under the guidance of Massimo Montanari. This led him to begin to work on the relationships between philosophy, esthetics, food and wine. This process opened up a new field, introducing and codifying in Italy a new strand of research known as the “esthetics of taste,” and contributed to the development of the philosophy of food on an international level. From these first studies and publications on the relationships between esthetics, gastronomy and taste, the journey continued, delving further into the nexus between food and art on an artistic, esthetic and ethical level.

Most recently, his research has started to develop the relationships between philosophy and anthropology, in particular looking at Tim Ingold’s work and the idea of meshwork, “knowledge with” and “knowledge from the inside.” Wine has been the principal medium for exploring the issues of the ecology of life and the creativity of perception. With regard to this, the term “epistenology” has been coined, referring on the one hand to the idea of knowledge not about wine but with wine, and on the other, and more generally, the prospect of a constant interpenetration between ontology, epistemology and esthetics.

Currently his areas of interest concern the nexus between perception, the sentient body and education, from a post-phenomenological perspective.

Main teaching areas
  • Philosophy and semiotics of food
  • Philosophy and esthetics of gastronomy
  • Epistenology – creativity of perception and imagination

Research macro-areas
  • Philosophy of food and esthetics of taste
  • Perception, education
  • Esthetics, ethics, wisdom, ways of life
  • Neopragmatism and deconstruction

Key publications (recent monographs and edited works)

N. Perullo, Epistenologia II. Il gusto non è un senso ma un compito, Mimesis, Milan, 2018 (in preparation)

N. Perullo, Ecologia della vita come corrispondenza. Frammenti per la spoliazione del senso, Mimesis, Milan, 2017 (pending publication)

N. Perullo, Epistenologia. Il vino e la creatività del tatto, Mimesis, Milan, 2016

N. Perullo, Taste as Experience, Columbia Unviersity Press, New York, 2016

C. Korsmeyer, Il senso del gusto, ed. N. Perullo, Aesthetica, Palermo, 2015

N. Perullo O gosto como experiencia, Sesi Editora, São Paulo, Brazil, 2014

N. Perullo, “Wineworld. New essays on Wine, Taste, Philosophy, and Aesthetics,” Rivista di Estetica, n. 51/2013, advisory editor Nicola Perullo, Rosenberg and Sellier, Turin 2013.

N. Perullo, La cucina è arte? Filosofia della passione culinaria, Carocci, Rome 2013

N. Perullo, Il gusto come esperienza, Slow Food Editore, Bra 2012

N. Perullo, La scena del senso. A partire da Wittgenstein e Derrida, ETS, Pisa 2011

N. Perullo, Filosofia della gastronomia laica. Il gusto come esperienza, Meltemi, Rome, 2010

N. Perullo, L’altro gusto. Saggi di estetica gastronomica, ETS, Pisa, 2008

N. Perullo, Per un’estetica del cibo, Aesthetica, Palermo, 2006

N. Perullo, Bestie e bestioni. Il problema dell’animale in Vico, Naples, 2002