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Corn and corruption; militias and mezcal; chiles and cheese heroes; Kahlo and quelitas. In the historic city center, fifty-year-old pastry shops nestle between showrooms of golden bridal shoes and megaplexes of 21st-century electronics. Traffic clogs the streets, while aguachile unblocks nasal passages. And everywhere, there is street food and more street food: tacos, flautas, fruta, and ‘super’ tortas. Can ethics, entrepreneurship, and eating go hand-in-hand-in-hand in this ancient-modern city?

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Ethics, Business, and Food: Entrepreneurial Recommendations from Mexican Gastronomes
from each of our round-table participants, advice on staying tasty, thoughtful, and true

“Tasting cheese is like another dimension of myself”
a conversation in three bites with Georgina Yescas A. Trujano, cheesemonger

Transborder Connections, Québec to México and Back Again
at the Mexico City airport, two Slow Food leaders tell me about chickens, adobe, and education

Gastronomy, Gastronomía, Gastro-anomie? Food Studies and the G-Word
talking with Mexican food scholars about the challenges we face

Ethics and business meet piñatas and posadas! (video)
business and pleasure come together at Camelia Bistronomía