On Friday, March 10th Graduation Day for 28 international students of the Undergraduate Degree and the Graduate Degree

New gastronomes from 10 countries: Italy, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Iran, Uganda, Brazil and the United States.

Sixteen students from the three-year Undergraduate Degree program and twelve from the Graduate Degree, a total of 28 young people of 10 different nationalities, on Thursday March 9th present and discuss their theses and on Friday March 10th are attending the Graduation ceremony, in the Sala Rossa at Agenzia di Pollenzo, starting at 11.

On Friday March 10th the procession of the students in their traditional “tabarro” cap is leaving from Cascina Albertina, then the entrance to the Sala Rossa in the courtyard of the Agenzia building and the beginning of the ceremony with the greeting of the Rector Bartolomeo Biomilks. Then follow the speech of UNISG alumnus Alessandro Di Tizio, gastronome and ethnobotanist, today Forager and Food Scouter in the Research and Development laboratory of the Mirazur restaurant in Menton (France), the announcement of the graduates and the conclusion of the UNISG president Carlo Petrini.

Here are the new gastronomes and the titles of their theses.


Three-year Undergraduate course in Gastronomic Sciences and Cultures

Enock Muhereza, 28 years old from Uganda, discusses the thesis entitled: “Sorghum Production in Uganda and the Native Alternative As a Sustainable Option to Food Security and Nutrition in the Community”, supervisor Prof. Paola Migliorini.

Sofia Cattelan, 24 years old from Padua (Veneto) discusses the thesis entitled: “From Gastrofascim to Sushi All You Can Eat – The History of Perception of “Ethnic” Foods in Italy”, supervisor prof. Gabriele Proglio.

Felina Charlotte Graetz, 25 years old from Germany, discusses the thesis entitled: “The Changing Relationship Between Humans and Wetlands: to What Extent Does the History of the Wadden Sea Reflect the Changes Captured by the Concept of the Anthropocene?”, supervisor prof. Gabriele Volpato.

Ferdinando Barluzzi, 23 years old from Rome, discusses the thesis entitled: “Molluschicoltura: produzione virtuosa nel rispetto dell’ambiente”, supervisor prof. Gabriele Volpato.

Tara Patricia Saberi, 25 years old from Germany, discusses the thesis entitled: “Who Is Responsible for the Microplastics in My Body?”, supervisor prof. Lorenzo Bairati.

Tabea Möllgaard, 26 years old from Germany, discusses the thesis entitled: “Gender in the Kitchen: Social Structures and the European Witch-Hunt”, supervisor prof. Gabriel Proglio.

Aviv Ram, 30 years old from Israel, discusses the thesis entitled: “Jewish Italian Cuisines: Processes of Mobility, Adaptation, and Influence”, supervisor prof. Simone Cinotto.

Juliette Lucie Rosset, 25 years old from Switzerland, discusses the thesis entitled: “Food Mapping of the Ormont Valley in Western Switzerland: Decline in Agricultural Activities and Boom of Mountain Tourism. What Is the Future of the Valley’s Food System?”, supervisor prof. Gabriele Volpato.

Jeovana Santos Nascimento, 28 years old from Brazil, discusses the thesis entitled: “Re-Enchanting Agriculture: Regenerating Autonomy over Body and Land through Political Agroecology and Indigenous Cosmologies”, supervisor prof. Gabriele Proglio.

Lara Sciarini, 26 years old from Switzerland, discusses the thesis entitled: “Responsabilità sociale nelle imprese agroalimentari, certificazione BCORP e due casi studio”, supervisor Prof. Patrizia Gazzola.

Laura Kaarina Välimäki, 30 years old from Finland, discusses the thesis entitled: “Intellectual Property Laws and Indigenous Rights: The Case of Sámi and Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Reindeer Meat Products”, supervisor prof. Lorenzo Bairati.

Laura Irgang Vejdiksen, 25 years old from Denmark, discusses the thesis entitled: “Generation Z Foodways in Europe: What Are the Patterns and Risks?”, supervisor prof. Michele Filippo Fontefrancesco.

Matthes Ortgies Harms, 29 years old from Germany, discusses the thesis entitled: “Too Late to Rectify? Insect Populations, Biodiversity Loss and Possible Solutions in Germany”, supervisor  prof. Gabriele Volpato.

Sara Bonafede, 26 years old from Milan (Lombardy), discusses the thesis entitled: “Australian Land Rights: from exclusion to reconciliation. Overcoming the assumption of superiority of the common law and allowing the self-determination of the First Nations”, supervisor prof. Lorenzo Bairati.

Andrea Primerano, 24 years old from Milan (Lombardy), discusses the thesis entitled: “La ricostruzione storica della tradizione gastronomica calabrese”, supervisor Prof. Antonella Campanini.

Leila Babaei, 25 years old from Iran, discusses the thesis entitled: “Integrated Rice-Fish Farming in Iran”, supervisor Prof. Paola Migliorini.


Graduate Degree in Food Innovation & Management

Michele Bordone, 25 years old from Cuneo (Piedmont), discusses the thesis entitled: “Web of (F)lies. The Rise of Entomophagy and Its Use in Political Discourse” supervisor prof. Gabriele Volpato.

Michele Hartlaub, 26 years old from Monterosso al Mare (Liguria), discusses the thesis entitled: “The Circular Economy and the Beverage Industry: a Review of Opportunities, Strategies and Best Practices”, supervisor prof. Franco Fassio.

Luca Bugini, 26 years old from Busto Arsizio (Lombardy), discusses the thesis entitled: ” Da risorsa a commodity, tra ecologia ed economia, tra trasparenza e invisibilità: un’immersione nell’acqua guidata dalla sostenibilità”, supervisor prof. Gabriele Volpato.

Antonio Lionetti, 25 years old from Barletta (Puglia), discusses the thesis entitled: “The Protection of Italian Designations of Origin in the European Legal Framework. The Prošek Case: Plurality of Perspectives for a Judicial Matter”, supervisor prof. Michele Antonio Fino.

Giulia Bologna, 26 years old from Bolsena (Lazio), discusses the thesis entitled:  “Uomo e fuoco, la riscoperta di un legame ancestrale che guarda al futuro”, supervisor prof. Gabriele Volpato.

Denise Di Summa, 29 years old from Francavilla Fontana (Puglia), discusses the thesis entitled: ” Il pane: un fare ecologico artigiano”, supervisor prof. Nicholas Perullo.

Carola Semeraro, 24 years old from Chivasso (Piedmont), discusses the thesis entitled: “Spreadable Restaurants. Neo-Tribal Communication Strategies for Eating Out” supervised by Prof. Maria Giovanna Onorati.

Margherita Coda-Zabetta, 24 years old from Peveragno (Piedmont), discusses the thesis entitled: “Analysis of the Food E-Commerce Market in Italy: Focus on the Cortilia Company Case”, supervisor Prof. Donatella Saccone.

Penelope Volinia, 26 years old from Ferrara (Emilia Romagna), discusses the thesis entitled: “Informal Transmission of Ethnobotanical Knowledge: the Contribution of Foraging Practitioners”, supervisor prof. Andrew Pieroni.

Gretha Coscia, 25 years old from Alessandria (Piedmont), discusses the thesis entitled: ” Analisi delle perdite e sprechi alimentari “, supervisor prof. Lorenzo Bairati.

Mallory Rose Cerkleski, 25 years old from the United States, discusses the thesis entitled: “Multifaceted Memories: Oral History of Cuban Citizens on Food, Justice, and Future Imaginaries”, supervisor prof. Gabriele Proglio.

Matilde Zamai, 24 years old from Miane (Veneto), discusses the thesis entitled: “Sustainability As a Driving Force for Change in Italian Michelin-Star Restaurants”, supervisor Prof. Patrizia Gazzola.