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PIS Città di Torino

Progetto Casa C.L.I.O – Casa, Lavoro, Indipendenza, Ospitalità

The project is presented as a temporary hospitality and support solution for 8 mother/child groups. It aims to favor the conditions to get one’s life back in control after a period of difficulty, to set medium and long-term objectives in order to be able to concentrate on planning one’s future with a view to achieving working and housing independence.


Preliminary information

SCIENTIFIC MANAGER: Maria Giovanna Onorati

OTHER UNISG RESEARCHERS INVOLVED: Gabriele Proglio, Carol Povigna, Nahuel Buracco

PARTNERSHIP: Associazione Almaterra Aps (Italy), BABEL – Coopertaiva Sociale Onlus (Italy), Associazione ARTERIA Onlus (Italy), RENKEL Olus (Italy)

DURATION OF THE PROJECT: 13 months (from May 2022 to May 2023)

FUNDING INSTRUMENT: PIS – Piano Inclusione Sociale della città di Torino per Area 4 “Reti Territoriali per l’Abitare sociale e accoglienza solidale” (Deliberazione della Giunta Comunale n.173/2021 del 24 marzo 2022)





This proposal has its cornerstones in hospitality and training aimed at working and housing autonomy. The activities offered concern the reception, referral to the internal or territorial services of the city of Turin, the psychological, legal and social support of the guests and the care of the education of the minor guests. The project, for the year 2022/2023, has a strong vocation for training in the gastronomic field and provides for specific courses with the aim of increasing the employability and autonomy opportunities of women at risk of social exclusion. Specifically, the beneficiaries of this gastronomic training are women with a migration background.

The project offers temporary accommodation for 8 mother/child nuclei (for a maximum of about 22 people), with the aim of offering a response to the primary needs of the beneficiaries in order to create the conditions for working and housing independence.

Specifically, the University of Gastronomic Sciences, in the Pollenzo Food Lab facilities, will develop a theoretical/practical training laboratory lasting 16 hours.


News from the project