DR n. 257/19 del 30/10/2019

Completed Proceeding

Procedure for the public selection to fill one researcher position with a fixed-term contract in accordance with Law 240/2010, art. 24, sub-section 3, letter b) at the University of Gastronomic Sciences

Academic recruitment sector 11/A3 – Contemporary History

Scientific – Disciplinary sector: M-STO/04 – Contemporary History

All. A_Valut.Comp.Ricerca_M_STO-04
All. B_Valut.Comp.Ricerca_M_STO-04
All. C_Valut.Comp.Ricerca_M_STO-04

DR 261 -19_Nomina_commissione_Ricercatore_TD_lett_b_M-STO_04

DR_266_2020_Decreto rettorale proroga M-STO_04

DR_279-20_Decreto Approvazione atti_M_STO-04