Traditional Mexican Cuisine

TIME: 6pm – 7.30PM

By: Paola Jeannete Vera Baez

In Mexico, different regional cuisines serve as tourist attractions, highlighting the influence of local gastronomy as an element to promote tourism. Traditional cuisine in Mexico is composed of diverse ingredients, tools, bodies of knowledge, practices, beliefs, meanings, symbolisms and identities.

The foundations of contemporary Mexican culture, including its cuisine, lie in the pre-Hispanic world, but the cultural interaction that different Mexican regions endured during the era of the Viceroyalty of New Spain generated an astounding mix of flavors, ingredients and culinary techniques. The different cuisines of Mexico and their foodways represent heterogeneous and polyglot texts to which new symbolic meanings have been added since the time of their creation. This is why it is so important to identify eating patterns throughout Mexican history as well as to interpret the food outcomes that resulted from these culture clashes. Through this seminar you will be able to appreciate the cultural influences in Mexican traditional cuisine and learn about Mexican culture through its cuisine.

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