Ethnobotanical Studies in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Main Lines of Research

TIME: 6pm – 7.30PM

BY: Odara Boscolo

The Economic Botany and Ethnobotanic Laboratory (LABOTEE) is coordinated by Professor Odara Boscolo at the Fluminense Federal University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This lab develops research relating to different themes, including edible plants, medicinal plants, ritual plants, traditional communities, traditional knowledge, migrations and plants, food practices and intellectual property.

We have adapted the organization of Seminars and Conferences in respect of the government health provisions to guarantee strict compliance from all those involved in the academic experience (students, teachers, administrative staff), in an effort to safeguard everyone’s safety.

For this reason all the conferences will take place remotely and will be recorded; each of them will have a virtual classroom available on the BlackBoard e-learning platform.

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