Nordic Food Lab: fermentation as traditional biotechnology in a modern context

Michael Bom FRØST, Director Nordic Food Lab & Associate Professor in Sensory Science at University of Copenhagen
Ben READE, Head of Culinary Research and Development Nordic Food Lab


Nordic Food Lab explores the building blocks of Nordic cuisine. Ben Reade and Michael Bom Frøst will present Nordic Food Lab’s modern interpretation of traditional fermentation techniques. The lab’s journey of discovery has taken us through fermenting a whole range of raw materials, from barley over quince to grasshoppers. The aim of the fermentations has been to demonstrate new opportunities for Nordic raw materials. Our work is inspired from traditions in the world culinary heritage and we combine it with a scientific approach.


Nordic Food Lab is a non-profit, self-governed organisation, established in 2008 by head chef of Noma Rene Redzepi and gastronomic entrepreneur Claus Meyer. We develop recipes and ideas to share with the Nordic region and the world. The Lab is supported by independent foundations, private companies, and government sources. We are committed to an ethos of cooperation, knowledge sharing, and open-source research, and collaborate with various other local and international projects.