Il grande libro della grappa

with Cesare Pillon and Giuseppe Vaccarini


The discussion will revolve around themes relating to Il grande libro della grappa, “the big book of grappa,” written by the authors in the conviction that Italy’s flagship spirit, if regulated by appropriate rules, has the characteristics to be recognized as the best in the world. It is the only one, they say, that has its own aromatic personality from the moment it flows from the alembic, whereas cognac, armagnac, rum and whisky all absorb their flavors and fragrances from the wood of barrels, and gin from an infusion with botanicals.

The volume is divided in two. The first section, written by journalist Cesare Pillon, recounts grappa’s long history, describes how it is produced, outlines the current regulations and presents current problems and future prospects. This is followed by a section authored by Giuseppe Vaccarini, world champion sommelier in 1978 and current chair of ASPI, the Italian association of professional sommeliers, dedicated not only to tasting, grappa’s use in cooking and cocktail mixology, but also profiles specific selected distilleries and their grappas.

Il grande libro della grappa offers an exhaustive and unique overview of this most fascinating of spirits.