A programme dedicated to the knowledge and deepenings of the UNISG Network

A series of meetings with companies and professionals working alongside UNISG to design and build, sharing commitment and strategic vision, new scenarios of sustainable growth and innovative food and cultural models.

First Live on Blackboard for the Pollenzo community and now on demand for everyone on YouTube channel!

The webinars are held in Italian or English, according to each speaker.


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Marta Pulini (executive chef) e Sabrina Lazzereschi (art director), Bibendum

Language: italian

For over 20 years Bibendum’s mission is to spread the culture and pleasure of food during the creation of events, be they private, corporate or institutional: the continuous study and research and, in particular, the creativity in the setting and culinary creations are the foundation of their proposals.

During the talks, Marta and Sabrina will talk to us about the catering system, and how, to design the food and the settings in order to interpret the client’s communication strategy.


Andrea Cartoccio, Group Marketing, Comunication and Innovation Director di Gruppo Elior

Language: English

Internationally, Elior Group was founded in 1991, is one of the world leaders in catering, and services for companies, schools, healthcare, and travel.

Andrea Cartoccio, during the talk, will give us a perspective on the new opportunities that are opening up for all the operators involved in collective catering, one of the most affected by the current health crisis.

Emma Neifar, Chief Commercial Officer Cortilia

Language: Italian

Cortilia is one of the players in the delivery world that has grown the most in recent years. During the talk, Emma will talk about new trends related to quality delivery.


Franco Costa, CEO Costa Group

Language: Italian

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Costa Group works in the design of the furniture and the internal arrangement of the elements. During many years of activity, Costa Group has been involved in the design and subsequent realization of stores all over the world, working with some of the most important international brands.

During the talk, Franco Costa CEO of Costa Group, will share some reflections on how to reinterpret the kitchen and the service, reinforcing the perceived through the implementation of simple ideas that guarantee at the same time safety to the customer and take the opportunity to speed up and optimize time by integrating technological systems and improving the gastronomic offer.



Stefano Falcone, CEO T&F

Digital Trade Marketing: new frontiers to connect with the market

Language: Italian

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T&F has been working for years in monitoring distribution trends in all its aspects, from physical points of sale to digital evolutions. Today Stefano Falcone will explore the importance of digital tools to reach customers more easily.