Pollenzo Innovation is the name of UNISG’s applied research. This operational branch of the university, involving professors and project managers recruited from among the Alumni, works on the crucial activity of translating the results of scientific research into innovation that can be applied by businesses.

At UNISG we like to talk about this activity as support for innovation. The companies that belong to the network of Contributing Members and Strategic Partners can make specific requests relating to projects, ideas and challenges, which will be worked on by a team of UNISG researchers and instructors, who will come up with an innovative solution and test it out in practice.

This is not just a consultancy, however: Pollenzo Innovazione does not work within the fields in which many consultants are traditionally available, for narrowly defined activities. Instead, the projects that fall under UNISG’s privileged ambit are ambitious, aimed at changing a whole way of business operations or the creation and launch of a new product or a new concept.

This method has led to the creation of innovative new concepts, such as Bistrot, which has already been implemented by Autogrill in various locations around Italy and abroad. Alongside the Bistrot concept, Autogrill was also able to rely on Pollenzo Innovazione to design the Mercato del Duomo in Milan and also to come up with significant innovations for its motorway service station network. Vera Srl, part of the Finiper group, has just opened the new Ristò in Savignano sul Rubicone, designed in collaboration with UNISG, while Costa Cruises is rethinking the production and supply of food on board at Pollenzo.

Private businesses such as IKEA or Colussi can find a partner for their needs in Pollenzo Innovazione, but so too can public institutions like the Sant’Orsola Malpighi Hospital in Bologna or the Valle d’Aosta Autonomous Region, who are working on developing skills and programs relating to food with the assistance of Pollenzo Innovazione.


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