The Hungry Minds Film Festival is a unique event that explores the nexus of cinema, culture, food, and sustainability. This event unites fascinating worlds, providing the audience with the opportunity to explore the union between the seventh art and the passion for food in all its forms, with a particular focus on sustainability and sharing.

The Festival’s objective is to showcase a curated selection of films and short films where food serves as a common thread. The Festival will take place in Pollenzo on May 31. Ranging from documentaries unveiling the environmental challenges tied to the food industry to films narrating engrossing stories about local and sustainable cooking, the Hungry Minds Film Festival presents a diverse and compelling view of the food-sustainability relationship.

Each selected film will have a direct or indirect connection with the gastronomic world, providing the audience with a cinematic experience that stimulates the intellect and pleases the palate. Viewers will be engrossed in narratives examining how food can be a catalyst for change, igniting discussions on environmental consciousness and active participation towards a more sustainable future.

Through film screenings, interactive debates, tastings, and meetings with directors, chefs, and industry experts, the Hungry Minds Film Festival aims to foster a vibrant and thought-provoking atmosphere.


Awards & Prizes

The ”Storytelling” Award and the DOC Award each carry a prize of 1000 euros in both categories, unless a single category is established. Unisg may also partner with institutions, third-party partners, and event supporters to award special prizes for noteworthy works and/or specific categories like Best Actor/Actress, Best Director, and Best Screenplay.


Rules & Terms

The Festival primarily revolves around its core themes and welcomes engaging and inspiring submissions from interested creators. With a focus on short films, with a maximum running time of 15 minutes, and documentaries not exceeding 20 minutes, the festival accommodates works that have been produced using analogue or digital techniques. Entrants are encouraged to embody the festival’s spirit of diversity and innovation within their submissions.

The festival is bifurcated into two key sections, namely:

  • “Doc” – This section commemorates the diverse world of documentaries extending across various genres. The UNISG Team will handle the selection of films.

  • “Storytelling” – Tailored for narrative short films (fiction) irrespective of the Italian nationality, this section explores a wide range of genres including, but not limited to, classic comedy, horror, thriller, science fiction, crime, and drama. The entries should be recent creations, not older than the past three years. The UNISG Team will handle the selection of films.

Please note, if a short film not originally in Italian makes it to the finalist list, it should sport Italian subtitles. Furthermore, participation isn’t limited to exclusive screenings, so films that have made appearances in previous festivals are most welcome.


Submission deadline is May 6th