U.S. Students Applying for Financial Aid

American students are eligible to apply for U.S. Federal Student Aid (FSA) loans through the Department of Education’s FAFSA website. Note that for loans to attend UNISG programs, electronic applications are preferred.

UNISG students are only eligible for 
Federal Family Education Loans (FFEL), including Stafford and Plus loans. Further details about eligibility are available on the FAFSA website.

In completing the FAFSA, you must indicate the UNISG Federal School Code (also called the Title IV Code): G41391.

The FAFSA does not provide the option to indicate any conditions that may affect your or your family’s ability to contribute to your educational costs. You may therefore choose to submit separate documentation, in writing, to the UNISG Financial Aid Office. Be sure to include your full name, address, date of birth, and social security number, as well as the UNISG program to which you are applying, in order to match your FAFSA details.


Financial aid applications must be submitted to the federal processor two weeks (14 days) prior to the UNISG application deadline for your selected program. As loans of all kinds involve serious financial commitments, UNISG requires that students be fully responsible in ensuring accurate and timely submission of their FAFSA. Although in some cases a student’s parents may participate in completing the form, the student is considered ultimately responsible for his or her application process.

FAFSA Confirmation Page

When your FAFSA is received by the federal processor, a date of receipt is recorded in the federal system. It is this date that will normally determine whether your application is considered to be on-time or late.

When filing your FAFSA online, print a copy of each page as you complete it and print the confirmation page you receive after the completed application is submitted. Keep copies for yourself, and email a copy of the confirmation page to the UNISG financial aid office, along with details of the UNISG program you are applying to.


UNISG Financial Aid Office
UNISG Federal School (Title IV) Code: G41391