The University of Gastronomic Sciences confers an honorary degree on Bruno Giacosa, one of Italy’s top wine producers

Only the University of Gastronomic Sciences could confer an honorary degree to a man who has dedicated his whole life to vines and wine, to savoir faire and to raising the profile of his land of origin.

Receiving the prestigious recognition will be Bruno Giacosa, born in Neive in 1929, a doyen of great Italian wine.

The ceremony will be held at 10am on Tuesday July 10 at the Teatro Sociale G. Busca in Alba, and will be attended by the entire University teaching staff, the dean Piercarlo Grimaldi and the president Carlo Petrini.

The name of Bruno Giacosa, who has been producing great wines for more than 60 years, is closely bound up with the golden years of the rebirth and development of Italian enology.

The motivations for the choice of Giacosa refer to his ability as an artisan who, in the course of time, has become a paragon for other winegrowers: for his constant work on improving local grape varieties, in especial nebbiolo, ever since the 1970s, when he set out on a road that no-one had trodden before; for his pioneering commitment to the development of the land and its single vineyards, where he was the first to use the cru concept; for devoting himself to the discovery and study of the vineyards best suited to wine production.

Giacosa is also being conferred with the degree for his international role as an ambassador of quality Italian wine at world level; for his commitment to the defense and interpretation of tradition as a strenuous defender of the classic character of the wines of the Langa district; for his refusal to make technological and enological interventions liable to spoil the purity, typicality and integrity of his wines; and for his decision to consistently expand his vineyards to have the highest quality grapes at his constant disposal.

Dean Piercarlo Grimaldi will open the ceremony and Professor Nicola Perullo will hold the laudatio. Bruno Giacosa will then hold his lectio magistralis.

In the course of the morning, the Sensory Analysis Workshop will be named posthumously for Prof. Marco Riva, one of the university’s founders, and a lecture hall for gastronomes and cooks Renato and Anna Dominici.

The ceremony will be closed by Carlo Petrini, president of the University of Gastronomic Sciences.