September 11 2015, Master graduation cerimony at UNISG

studenti master food culture & communications

On Friday September 11, the Master in Food Communications: High Quality Products students, after presenting their theses degree, will receive their diploma. The ceremony will be held in UNISG’s Aula Magna lecture hall at 12 pm.

The names and theses of the 23 students from Italy, France, Canada, China, Germany, India, Turkey the USA, are listed below:

  • Matthew Carey Altieri from USA: “Industrial produced tourisms’ belligerently seductive decay of quality, knowledge & the environment -MetaFarm: alternative travel and preservation advocacy”.
  • Fulvio Biondo from Italy: “How high quality products related to their territory can create a consumer experience. Case Study: authentic terroir of Firriato Winery”.
  • Monique Lok-Sze Cheung from Canada: “The Diminishing Art of Dim Sum: An Ethnographic Study into the Loss of the Heritage, Craft and Labour of a Chinese Delicacy”.
  • Yu-Hua Chou from China: “The New Wave of Craft Beers in the UK:
    A Case Study Analysis in London”.
  • Jason Diloreti from USA: “TexItalia! Implementing the Italian Agritourism Product in Texas to Help Preserve Small Family Farms and Benefit Rural Development”.
  • Barbara Fassio from Italy: is presenting “Genepì. Quality that comes from the mountains”.
  • Lorenzo Aaron Fleishhacker from Italy: “Reading a cup of coffee: skip the fortune telling, it’s a matter of Quality”.
  • Matteo Foschini from Italy: “Food Education and why it matters”.
  • Chloe Elise Friedland from USA: “The Value of Innovation and Collaboration in 21st Century Food Businesses and a Multipurpose Food Shop Concept for the Future”.
  • Paul André René Griffon from France: “Le Mas de l’Estello , an intellectual hostel in Provence”.
  • Lorenzo Kiss from Italy: “The coffee evolution: from a commodity to a speciality”.
  • Julie Marie Koessendrup from Germany: “Making the classroom a better place – introducing food studies as an approach to teach children about global contexts and adding value to their personal development”.
  • Julius Ferdinand Kuhn-Régnier from Germany: “The Provençal Rosé Paradox and Cognitive Biases”.
  • Guray Kurnaz from Turkey: “Between the West and the East: The Craft Beer Movement in Turkey”.
  • Alexandra Wall Moriarty from USA: “Pinot Noir and the Differences in Characteristics the Wines Develop All Over the World.
  • Francesca Olsen from Italy: “Sake: a window to Japanese culture and a recipe for an Italian success”.
  • Rosina Fabiola Magdalena Ostler from Germany: “From Crêpes Suzette to Frozen Ants: The ever-changing landscape of Haute Cuisine”.
  • Giulio Antonio Pagni from Italy: “La Malvasia de Sitges”.
  • Vittoria Saby from Italy/France: “Meat Production and Consumption in Today’s World: How we can Change our Engrained Habits for a more Sustainable and Ethical Tomorrow”.
  • Smruti Nagesh Shetty from India: “What’s in a name? That which we call cheese”.
  • Caterina Tazzioli from Italy: “Beer and Food Pairing”.
  • Serena Tornusciolo from Italy: “Spices: a bridge between continents and cultures – The Elika case study”.