The New “Center For Circular Economy In Coffee” Is The First Global Collaborative Platform For The Circular Transition In The Coffee Industry

THE NEW “CENTER FOR CIRCULAR ECONOMY IN COFFEE” IS THE FIRST GLOBAL COLLABORATIVE PLATFORM FOR THE CIRCULAR TRANSITION IN THE COFFEE INDUSTRY Its launch was announced at the World Coffee Conference Bangalore, India, September 27, 2023 – Yesterday, at the World Coffee Conference (WCC 2023) promoted by the International Coffee Organization (ICO) and jointly organized … …read more

Pollenzo Orientation week: UNISG is welcoming freshmen from 13 countries

Orientation week at the University of Pollenzo begins Tuesday 19 September Welcoming the freshmen of the Undergraduate Degree in Gastronomic Sciences and Cultures and the Graduate Degree in Sustainable Food Innovation & Management Students from 13 nationalities   The freshmen of the three-year Undergraduate Degree in Gastronomic Sciences and Cultures and the Graduate Degree in … …read more

UNISG at Cheese 2023

 A stand in Piazza Spreitenbach for the University of Gastronomic Sciences Breakfasts, workshops, conferences and drinks with students, lecturers and producers, plus alumni in the Market, Taste Workshops and Dinner Dates Tours of the Pollenzo campus running every day from Friday to Monday Cheese 2023 (September 15-18) is preparing once again attract lovers of all … …read more

Study trips

The second year students of the three-year course, divided into groups of about 20 people, will go to meet producers, restaurateurs, farmers, fishermen in Croatia, France, Greece and Spain. Below is a summary of some of the planned activities. In Croatia, more precisely in Istria, in addition to visiting lamb farmers and wine cellars such … …read more

2022-2023 Academic Year Inaugurated at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo on Friday March 17: Guest of Honor Executive Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans

At 10am on Friday March 17, the Sala Rossa of the Agenzia di Pollenzo hosted a ceremony to inaugurate the 2022-2023 academic year at the University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG). The opening remarks were made by the UNISG rector, Professor Bartolomeo Biolatti: “We have all realized how serious the condition of the planet is. We … …read more

On Friday, March 10th Graduation Day for 28 international students of the Undergraduate Degree and the Graduate Degree

New gastronomes from 10 countries: Italy, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Iran, Uganda, Brazil and the United States. Sixteen students from the three-year Undergraduate Degree program and twelve from the Graduate Degree, a total of 28 young people of 10 different nationalities, on Thursday March 9th present and discuss their theses and on Friday March … …read more

UNISG events during the Italian Cuisine Week in the World 2022

To celebrate the Italian Cuisine Week in the World 2022 UNISG launched an online course in collaboration with MEACI – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international Cooperation, available for free from Monday 14th November on UNISG+ During the same week the University of Pollenzo organized some initiatives in collaboration with the Embassies and the Italian … …read more